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Crescent Cotton Zafu Cushion for Yoga & Meditation (Black)

Crescent Cotton Zafu Cushion for Yoga & Meditation (Black)



Product Features:
Align the spine and open breathing to increase "prana" or "life energy" .
Crescent Shape Offers Comfortable Sitting Support.
Crescent Zafu have more surface area than traditionally Round Zafus and thus tend to suit people who are larger in size.
Filled with 100% Natural Clean Cotton.
Pleated Design with Hidden Zipper to Add or Remove Filling.

Product Details :
Item Weight : 1.7 Kg.
Color : Black
Dimensions : 15” W x 6” H Inches.
Shape : Heart
Material: Cotton.
Brand Name: Yogavni(TM).


The crescent zafu is ideal for sitting in the cross legged or in the Burmese position. An advantage to using this type of meditation cushion is that it provides more surface area for sitting and elevates your legs which helps prevent them from falling asleep, a common problem for many practitioners. The height of the crescent cushion can be adjusted by adding or removing the fill from an opening in the back of the cushion which can make it a good choice for larger people.

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