Zafu is a Japanese word that means cushion. A right meditation cushion is as important for meditation as is the right bed for good night sleep. Those who are looking for consistency in the meditation should go for the zafu buckwheat meditation cushion. Meditating while sitting on these cushions not only make your meditation comfortable and manageable but also prolonged the meditation duration. The buckwheat is the most used filler in the meditation cushion. It is the buckwheat hull filling in zafu that makes the meditation cushion heavy enough to keep one sitting in the seat.  The Zafu meditation cushions are recommended by the trainers because of the various benefits to the user:

1.The usage of Zafu cushion during meditation gives comfort.

2. Using buckwheat hull zafu improves postures, and relieve pressure.

3. Zafu cushion generally comes with a handle which makes it easy to carry.

4. The Buckwheat hull in Zafu conforms to the body’s shape.

5. The zafu cushion comes with a removeable cover. Thus, the Zafu meditation cushion is of low maintenance and easy to wash.

Zafu is an Asian gift that can now be bought online in Canada too. Healthy life cycle is a renowned and trusted name for all kinds of yoga and meditation accessories. Here, you will find in stock buckwheat filled zafu of various kinds which are popularly used for meditation purposes. You can buy buckwheat zafu online with the choice of various attractive colors and different sizes. Zafu with Buckwheat is also available in different shapes like circular, spherical, quadrants, squares, and rectangles. These zafu are also available in different designs, prints or embroidery. We also have Asian traditional Zafu with Tibetan and other scripts for those who want to have traditional and cultural zafu.

Whether you are practicing the yoga at yoga studio or home the buckwheat zafu meditation cushion is good to sit on during meditation. This Zafu Meditation Cushion will bring a soft touch and comfort to your practice because of their unique design specifically to improve the sitting position.

To explore the variety and buy the best quality log on to Be it a bulk order or the retail buy we assure the best price. Many times, we are being asked by the buyers on how to make a right choice in the selection of right Zafu cushion. If you are one of those who have a similar query than please find the answer to your question below.  It is the buckwheat hull filling in zafu cushion, which is responsible for the comfort. For meditation, zafu cushion with buckwheat filling is advisable to those who want a firm base and heavy feel. The buckwheat hull zafu is an eco-friendly double-covered meditation cushion which is a perfect choice for personal use or gift.  Here, at Healthy life cycle, you have the possibility of buying a gift and get a delivery made in a wrap. Thus, for all Canadians Healthy life cycle is a perfect online shop to shop for healthy living lifestyle.

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