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Lavender Scented Eye pillows with BLUE Cotton Cover

Lavender Scented Eye pillows with BLUE Cotton Cover



Product Features :
Filled with natural organic flax seed.
Eye pillows help us focus inward during yoga practice and resting periods by blocking out intrusive light and shadows.
They relieve swollen eyes and migraines when they are chilled in the refrigerator before placing over the eyes.
Relaxing the eyes with an eye pillow also causes the eyebrows, cheekbones, temples, neck and shoulders to relax.
Comes with Removable Cotton Cover.

Product Details :
Dimension : 9" x 4" Inches.
Color : Blue.
Shape : Rectangular
Brand Name : Yogavni(TM).

Eye pillows provide gentle pressure around the eyes releasing tension stress and fatigue caused by reading using the computer or other digital devices or driving long distances.They comfort tired eyes when warmed slightly more than body temperature in the microwave. Do not place a warm eye pillow directly on the eyes. Place a thin moist washcloth on the eyes a folded paper towel over the washcloth and then the warmed eye pillow on the folded paper towel.

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