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Premium Non-Skid Eco Yoga Mat TPE (5mm) (Pink / Baby Blue)

Premium Non-Skid Eco Yoga Mat TPE (5mm) (Pink / Baby Blue)



Product Features :
Best for Hot Yoga, Very Comfortable and Sticky.
Eco Friendly - Bio Degradable.
Completely non-toxic, latex-free, and no PVCs.
Excellent traction, 100% satisfaction, Light Blue/Gray, Also available in Pink/BabyBlue.

Product Details :
Item-Weight : 1.2 kg.
Color : Pink
Dimension : 72” L x 24” W Inches.
Brand Name : Yogavni(TM).

This eco-conscious yoga mat is completely non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable, and contains no latex, PVC, or rubber. During the production of this mat, no toxic materials are used. The mat is made from a newly patented material composed of carbon and hydrogen called TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer), which is a closed-cell foam that gives excellent support while preventing water absorption allowing for easy cleaning. The mats are textured on each side, have fantastic traction, and are non-slip. This is the perfect choice for those who might have an allergic reaction to natural rubber yet still desire an eco-friendly yoga mat. This mat is available in 5mm thicknesses.

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