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 Deluxe Studio Grade, 6mm Thick, Non-Skid ECO Yoga Mat-Lavender

Deluxe Studio Grade, 6mm Thick, Non-Skid ECO Yoga Mat-Lavender



Product Features:
Deluxe Studio Quality, Extra Thick - 6mm Yoga Mat
Made of PER; Completely Phthalate free, latex free and heavy metal free
Provides Superior Support and Cushioning
High quality, extremely durable and long-lasting
Heavy duty, Fully Dense at 3+ pounds

Product Details :
Item Weight: 3 LB.
Colour : Lavender
Dimension : 72" x 24" Inches.
Season: Year-round.
Brand Name: Yogavni(TM)


This Extra Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat is one of the most popular choices of Non-Skid Yoga Mats for individual use at home and most frequently found in yoga studios schools and fitness clubs all across North America. This yoga mat is 6mm thick and weighs 1.5KG - one of the thickest standard mats in the market. Watch out for other mats in the market that are promoted as 6mm thickness but may actually be significantly less than 6mm some we have seen as little as 3mm in thickness -- considerably thinner than this mat. Our Studio Grade Thick Deluxe Yoga Mats are very environmentally friendly and are completely free from latex heavy metals and uses phthalates free dyes. These mats are NOT made of PVC, rather with PER ( We offer a wide range of bright strong and vivacious colours to suit your individual preference. This superior exercise mat will add comfort to your yoga workouts. And because of its high quality this mat will last longer than most standard foam mats. A thicker non-slip mat is good for all types of yoga especially for restorative poses. Reward yourself and your body with an Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat today!

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