Where to buy the best quality and well-priced yoga bolster?

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Yoga bolsters are cushions which are available in different shapes designed to provide support exclusively for restorative yoga postures. The shapes can vary they can be rectangular, circular or half-moon. Yoga bolsters are of great benefit during relaxation postures which includes sleep aid, and deeper asanas. Other than restorative exercise and beginners the people suffering with arthritis, lower back pain and other kind of mobility issues also use yoga bolsters for comfort ease and support. Below discussed is a complete guide on yoga bolster which includes.

  1. Point to consider when choosing a yoga bolster?
  2. In what all asanas can yoga bolster be used.
  3. How to take care of my yoga bolster?


  1. Point to consider when choosing a yoga bolster.

For all those who are planning to buy a yoga bolster, the guide to choose a right yoga bolster is to choose a right size. Yoga bolster should neither be too big or small. The size should be appropriate as per the body size. Shapes commonly available in the market are cylindrical, rectangular, and lean. The best shape as per your requirement is best for you. Choose what you are comfortable in. Another important differentiation of yoga bolster is the weight and if you are going to class at a studio and want to carry yoga bolster, it becomes an important factor. Both yoga bolster weight and care depend upon its feelings. The bolsters are generally filled with buckwheat, recron and fibre fill. Of all this buckwheat is most advisable because it being a natural alternative to more synthetic filling materials. It is also more durable and versatile. The last and final consideration is colour and pattern. This may not be a paramount factor for many; therefore, we leave this on individual preferences.


         2. In what asana’s can yoga bolster be used?

Let us discuss few of the asana’s where yoga bolsters will be of great help:

a.)    Balasana-child pose

b.)    Sukasana. Here one sit with a criss-cross on the yoga bolster. Using yoga bolster will make you sit for the longer duration.

c.)     Viparita karani/ The pose commonly recognised as, the legs up the wall.


        3. How to take care of my yoga bolster?

Most of the yoga bolsters range come fitted with a zip, making washing cover easy. You can machine wash the cover on a cool range and let it dry instead of a drier. Most of the yoga bolsters range come fitted with a zip, making washing cover easy. You can machine wash the cover on a cool range and let it dry instead of a drier. The Recron filled bolster will hold its shape and is quite firm. The buckwheat bolster can mould to the shape. Remember, Buckwheat is heavier than the Recron

We hope that the above guide will help you in making a right choice when purchasing your yoga bolster.

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