Deluxe Pure and Soft Cotton Yoga Blankets - Black

Deluxe Pure and Soft Cotton Yoga Blankets - Black



Product Features :
Extra heavy and tightly woven for extra support.
Made from chemical-free 100-Percent cotton.
Completely hand-woven and hand-finished.
No tassels !!

Product Details :
Color : Black
Dimensions : 80" L x 50" W Inches.
Item-Weight : 1.5 kg.
Brand Name : Yogavni(TM)

This 100% chemical-free cotton blanket features a dense, tight weave that provides extra warmth, support and softness. This chemical-free blanket comes in a soothing selection of colors with coordinating hand-finished borders. Measuring 80" x 50" Inches these yoga blankets are hand-woven and hand-finished. Yoga blankets are one of the most versatile yoga accessories you can keep on hand. Use it for creating a comfortable layer between you and your mat, prop up your hips for seated poses, or cover yourself for warmth at the end of class.

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