We at Yogavni believe that being healthy is one of the greatest treasures one can have. A strong, healthy body is one that can give us years of joy. To maintain our health, we need to actively work to ensure our bodies remain in good physical condition, our minds feeling relaxed and our spirits inspired. People work hard to ensure they look and feel healthy and attractive. Nature understands our body best, and in today's fast-paced societies, people are moving towards more natural ways of living, working and playing.


A feeling of being close to nature helps us achieve a sense of balance; both with the outside world and the world within ourselves. We at Yogavni aspire to enhance the well-being of body, mind and soul through a holistic approach to beauty and health which is rooted in centuries of deep, collective knowledge passed down through the ages. 


At Yogavni, we believe that being healthy is a term which encompasses our surroundings as well as bodies and minds. An aromatic and pleasant environment helps keep one inspired, relaxed yet focused. Sharing centuries old wisdom from traditions all over the world such as Ayurveda and Yoga , we aim to help you live a more balanced and enriched life using the finest holistic products based in the ancient wisdom of past ages.

Our mission is to help you live your life to the fullest by offering products which help you achieve balance, health, and clarity.  By manufacturing quality, natural products which are gentle, safe, and do not hurt the environment, we are pleased to work for the greater good of people as well as Mother Nature. 


We strive to offer restorative, nourishing, and genuinely helpful solutions for all areas of life. Therefore we make products appropriate for all age groups and health levels. We believe in providing essentials for a healthy body and mind, by making high-quality products which are free from harmful substances and have undergone strict quality control processes.


We have many items for you which are perfect for personal use or as a gift for your loved ones. We carry gifts which are great for many different occasions, and if you can't decide, we also offer gift cards.

We at Yogavni are happy to share the opportunity to help others in the same way by partnering with you. 
We offer three wonderful partnership opportunities to help you share the gift of health with others;
1. As a Reseller/Retailer:
What does this entail?
  • Purchase Yogavni™ products from us at wholesale prices (about 40% off retail). To maintain this status, they must purchase minimum $5,000/year and minimum $1,000/order.
  • Don’t need to meet the minimum quantities for any product.
  • Sell Yogavni™ products in your store(s) and only on your website (must not compete on same keywords on Google with Yogavni™).
  • Cannot list Yogavni™ products on any online marketplace.
  • Resellers are free to resell other brands.
  • No Terms can be offered to Resellers


2. As a Distributor/Franchisee:


What does this entail?

  • Entitled to the lowest tier pricing we can offer- generally about 60% off retail
  • Must have minimum of 1 inside and 1 outside sales person to promote, sell and Support Yogavni™ products
  • You will have an assigned territory
  • You can sell to Resellers and at retail
  • All Wholesale/Reseller leads, originating for that territory, will be sent to distributor
  • You will be listed on the Yogavni™ website as a distributor for the assigned territory
  • Must present a business plan for success
  • Investment required to start is $25,000
  • 6% Royalty for promoting and exhibiting at trade shows


3.  As an Independent Agent:


What does this entail?

  • You represent Yogavni™ brand to prospects. You make a sale, you get commission
  • You will have monthly, quarterly targets to meet
  • You will have weekly meeting with the distributor or with Yogavni™